Strings of Time

'Strings of Time ' is a show produced by Agni Entertainment that combines dance and physics in a unique way to narrate the story of the very early universe. This Nerdy, Artistic & Fantastical production is a homage to science, the cosmos and a showcase of some of the concepts associated with string theory. It is by no means an explanation of string theory or a claim that it is the answer to all of the questions in our known universe. It features Aerialists, Flamenco , Kathak, Contemporary Dance , Bharatanatyam, Kalari and Ballet.


Om Shanti - Once Upon a Time in Bollywood

Agni Entertainment presents to you 'OM Shanti - Once upon a time in Bollywood' . The production is a touring musical in English conceptualized and produced in Austin, TX. The first round of shows began at the Long Center for performing Arts in Austin, TX followed by shows in other cities in the US. The 140 member cast and crew is comprised of technicians, dancers, actors.


Lanka The Epic

Lanka is a production that combines storytelling, dance and martial arts to narrate an epic tale.


Lanka, tells the fictional story about what transpires in Lanka after the Ramayana, the great Indian Epic. The presentation will be entirely in English interlaced with contemporary dance and martial arts drawing inspiration from varied influences.


Disco Deewane

Disco Deewane is an EPIC production that will take you through some of the greatest moments in American musical theater history mixed with Bollywood pop culture, narrated by an amazing combination of song, dance & theater.
Told in English, "Disco Deewane" features 200 diverse performers who have performed all over the world, creating a feast for the eyes with their grand costumes and scintillating lighting effects.
This is a sponsored project of the Austin Creative Alliance and funded in part by the Cultural Arts Division of the city of Austin.


Big Fat Indian Wedding

Agni Entertainment and Banskota Productions invite you to be our guest at Arjun Shah and Annabelle Taylor’s interactive wedding celebration!


Experience the first ever site-specific Bollywood production in the beautiful Mueller Park. With drama and dancing inspired by both the Texas and Indian cultures, this comedy of errors shouldn’t be missed!


Build Your Own Bollywood 

Build your own Bollywood (B.Y.O.B) melodrama is an interactive improv comedy where our talented actors and moderators get together to massacre and celebrate the most popular Bollywood movies. Bring your own Bollywood flavor and decide the course of the story!

Episode 1 : The massacre of DDLJ (Arguably the most popular Bollywood movie of all time).

The show is in English with a sprinkling of Hindi catch phrases.